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Her Name is Hanna- Chapter 2
"NO!" It was only 9am and Hanna was already screaming.
"Hanna, please! I'm not going to make you wear a skirt or make up, but this is one thing you HAVE to do!" Toni had dragged Hanna into the bathroom before the redhead had even processed what 'morning' meant. The events of the day before were almost forgotten about until that point.
"NOOO!" Hanna continued to wail, knocking something over with a loud and painful crash. This got Conrad up from his seat.
"Oi! You break my bathroom and I'll break your faces!" he cried, banging on the door with his jaw clenched. I sighed quietly; I should have known that introducing Hanna to his femininity was going to be anything but peaceful. Veser caught my eye and smirked.
"For someone so flamboyant he's not taking this very well." I was inclined to agree.
Drifting into the kitchen, I noticed that Conrad must have left during the night; there were bags of food piled onto the counter. I supposed I should put myself to use, and after a bit of searching
:iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 14 31
Love Actually Night by MyNameIsLiberation Love Actually Night :iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 2 8 Something Sugary by MyNameIsLiberation Something Sugary :iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 3 8
Happy Birthday
"Surprise," he sings softly into your ear as he drops his hands from your eyes, and you find yourself looking at the doors to your favourite restaurant in town.
The one that has a 2 month waiting list.
"Wha- but-" You start, looking up at him in shock, but he quiets you with a quick kiss.
"Happy birthday," He says with that half smile of his; amber eyes glowing with amusement. He's wearing his favourite shirt, the silky orange one, with a jet black tie that rivals the colour of his hair.
You realise that you're staring just as he takes your hand in his, leading you into the building and towards the best table in the whole room, pulling a chair out. He's playing the gentleman today, just for you, "Take a seat," he says with a slight smirk, "And order anything you want." He kisses your cheek quickly before sitting across from you.
"But this place is so expensive…" You comment quietly, looking at him nervously and he smiles, a proper one this time.
"Don't worry love," he leans forwar
:iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 4 26
Her Name is Hanna- Chapter 1
"W-well… at least now your name fits…?" Conrad stuttered awkwardly, breaking the huge tension that had fallen on the room when Hanna walked in.
"Shut up, Conrad." Hanna snapped back, and it was silent again.
Hanna had holed himself up in Conrad's bathroom after something went wrong in our last case. None of us had quite seen what, but there was a bright flash and Hanna looked… different. It was only now, an hour later, when Hanna walked out, knees quaking, hands trembling and breathing raggedly, did we realise.
Hanna's face was a lot rounder. Softer. Sideburns were nowhere in sight. The sharp angle of his Adam's apple {that I never noticed anyway} was no more. And, as Hanna was well aware with all of us staring, we could see, under that baggy jumper, the subtle hint of… feminine parts. {Oh, I am not going to think about that. Ever.} Sure enough, those sharp, bony hips- although still worryingly thin, had smooth curves to them.
I hadn't felt myself move, b
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Twisted Heartstrings
Her fingers are cold; you shiver but you can't move
It hurts; they're pushing into your chest like needles
A temperature so strange that you can't tell if they're
White hot or ice cold but either way it burns your skin
And suddenly she's beneath your flesh, cutting through
Your bones and your veins and your organs just to
Wrap those awful spindly digits around your core muscle
Squeezing and cutting and ripping your vulnerable heart
She pulls on strings and twists them, they don't break
But they knot like something terrible and then she tugs
So hard that you're sure they'll never come loose
And then she's gone, leaving you with nothing but
Twisted heartstrings
:iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 3 11
Conbat's many moods by MyNameIsLiberation Conbat's many moods :iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 22 42 Blow a kiss at the methane sky by MyNameIsLiberation Blow a kiss at the methane sky :iconmynameisliberation:MyNameIsLiberation 18 14


Lanna by Zazu75 Lanna :iconzazu75:Zazu75 3 4 Cumbermaid by ChibiSnoo Cumbermaid :iconchibisnoo:ChibiSnoo 2 2 The Only Response... by DP-Stamps The Only Response... :icondp-stamps:DP-Stamps 319 25 + Benedict Cumberbatch + by ToxicOxygen + Benedict Cumberbatch + :icontoxicoxygen:ToxicOxygen 2,038 422
Sharks are more important than you think
The Earth is an ocean planet. 99% of all living space on it is water, and 80% of all species live in the ocean. We know from decades of careful research that the oceans have shaped this world - whenever something happened to them, whenever life in the oceans changed, life on Earth changed as a whole. We humans are a wave of extinction, a new event that is suddenly rippling across the tree of life. And as we interfere so strongly with this complex system of interdependence that has taken its shape in millions of years, we change the only world, the only home, our species has ever known.
Sharks have lived in the oceans for over 400 million years, since before the dinosaurs evolved. As apex predators, they are critically important to the food chain in the ocean and have significantly shaped the world through time. Sharks are intelligent, have long and short term memory and the ability to learn. And they are afraid of us. Most sharks won't come near us if we are not perfectly calm, because
:icondarksilverflame:DarkSilverflame 575 454
Twilight Flight by Catgirl426 Twilight Flight :iconcatgirl426:Catgirl426 4 3 Happiness by genki-de Happiness :icongenki-de:genki-de 2,253 137 arcades by Ben-Andrews arcades :iconben-andrews:Ben-Andrews 3,692 209 Multichromatic Dragon Pose 2 by KP-ShadowSquirrel Multichromatic Dragon Pose 2 :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 9,247 1,576
Win the Ten Year Lucky Draw!
A few weeks ago, I gave a twelve-month subscription to a dear friend who had ran out of time and could no longer make polls that made all of her watchers laugh, and it made me feel really good to give something to a person that I felt deserved it. She was very grateful, and is still making those damn funny polls (luv ya Eliantart!) So, as the title suggests, TEN 12-month subscriptions could be yours! That’s over $290US!
“But FestiveDays-”
I hear you ask
“-how can I; one single person amongst tens of thousands of people hope to win such a huge prize? What do we even have to do?”
What a convenient question to ask! All you have to do is click that button under the grey number box that looks a bit like :+favlove:, that will tell me that you’ve entered the lucky draw!
Then your name will go under a number (say :iconeliantart: is the 58th to love this, she will be #58) and then rest will be up to fate. Or, more literally; an iPhone app tha
:iconfestivedays:FestiveDays 1,175 448
.tea time. by MamaBakasi .tea time. :iconmamabakasi:MamaBakasi 1,641 77 The Half Series - Taylor Swift by IleanaHunter The Half Series - Taylor Swift :iconileanahunter:IleanaHunter 4,445 536 female body tutorial? by lihsa female body tutorial? :iconlihsa:lihsa 6,987 256 Design-Composition Walkthrough by Tetiel Design-Composition Walkthrough :icontetiel:Tetiel 925 72
Lightwaves -- Twenty-Four
The world was burning around them.
Of this, Worth knew for sure. The world was burning around them, had been burning for three days now, and he had no intention of stopping it. He was done with trying to stop it. He'd put forth far too much effort preparing Hanna for throwing himself in front of an oncoming train, and he had no intention of trying again. After all, doing the same thing over and over was the definition of insanity.
So really, he supposed that fit everyone else. He'd heard the shouting and cheers from upstairs, one would have had to be deaf to have not heard it. The words had nearly brought a smile to his lips, nearly made him laugh because of course Veser would take this opportunity when it finally came. At last all that hot blood and rebel without a cause bullshit had a use, and he had to admit there was something almost admirable about it all. There was something almost admirable about the rekindling of that fighting spirit, the repeating of words that Hanna had calle
:iconhinabn-lightwaves:HiNaBN-Lightwaves 15 55



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Somewhere I'd rather not be
Favourite genre of music: Most except R&B and similar styles
Favourite style of art: I prefer much more graphic styles, anything cartoon-y.
  • Watching: Sherlock
You may or may not have noticed but I haven't been on dA for a long time.
For now, I'm taking a break. I'm not sure when I'll be back; all I can say is that I will come back at some point.

So, take care! :heart:


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